The My Sex Doctor app comes in 3 different formats: My Sex Doctor Lite, My Sex Doctor and My Sex Doctor Plus. While this might create some confusion, it is the best solution we found to deal with two crucial issues:

1. Like every small company, My Sex Doctor needs money to exist:

  • We need money to pay the people who work with us every day, constantly trying to improve the app.
  • We need money to promote the app, giving as many young people as possible the chance to take sex education into their own hands.

After some thinking and experimenting, we decided to give the app for free while adding some light advertisement.

2. Sex education, even when handled with extreme care, involves the use of terms and contents that could easily trigger the 17+ rating on the app stores. This event would prevent young people age 12-16 to access useful information on body changes, relationships, and sexual health.

To overcome this issue we had to introduce a 12+ version of the app, restricting access to that portion of the content considered too explicit for young people age 12-16.


Hence 3 different apps:

My Sex Doctor Lite: for all young people age 12+ (Free access to age appropriate content with light ads)

My Sex Doctor: for all people age 17+ (Free access to all content with light ads)

My Sex Doctor Plus: for all people age 17+ (Access to all content, with no ads, but for a small price)